Senior Tiny Homes

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes respect and support of our elders to make a village. The Senior Tiny Homes housing model is an affordable housing model centered around single-story, stand alone Tiny Homes curated in a planned Tiny Neighborhood with on-site grocery, medical clinic, gardening, and assisted services support.  Senior Tiny Homes is FAITH CDC’s response to the lack of elder care and elder housing in Gary.  Today’s Senior apartments model does not support elders being in nature, in a planned development specific to Senior needs, or support a sense of true community.

Senior Tiny Homes is a planned development located adjacent to FAITH Farms and Orchard, one block from the Pollinator Park & Walking Path and, two blocks from the Business Incubator.


Provide your input today on further Senior amenities in our Senior Tiny Homes Neighborhood.